What to expect

 Dive head first into the unknown, enrich and change lives as you teach and venture through the Kingdom of Thailand.

What to expect

 Dive head first into the unknown, enrich and change lives as you teach and venture through the Kingdom of Thailand.

What teaching English in
Thailand is all about!

What teaching English in Thailand is all about!

10 things you can expect when teaching English in Thailand.

#1/ Open mind, new culture, incredible journey


We urge you to have an open mind and be prepared for an entirely new cultural experience. Expect to go on an incredible journey of self-discovery and make an amazing difference in the lives of Thai children. Expect to possibly be placed in rural towns where you may be the only foreigner who speaks English, or to be placed in big Thai cities. Be prepared for a simple life that teaches you many life lessons, expect to experience kindness from the Thai people in your town and most importantly, expect to smile every single day.


#2/ Expect to be placed in rural or small Thai towns


The placement process varies on opportunities available in Thai schools at that time. You may be placed in a school that is in a rural or small Thai town where there is very limited English being spoken. It can be a daunting and difficult experience once you arrive in a small town after doing your TEFL course in Chiang Mai or Krabi with other foreigners. We urge you to have an open mind and you will find that your reality will exceed your expectations as you immerse yourself in the Thai culture and way of life.


Or expect to be placed in bigger cities


Depending on your level of experience and qualifications, you may be placed in English schools in bigger cities in Thailand. The bigger cities have many foreigners and activities available for TEFL teachers, however, the downside to teaching in the city is that you won’t get to experience the more rural/Thai way of life.


#3/ Expect smiles all day every day


Thailand is known as the land of smiles for a reason, the Thai people are always smiling and are so friendly. Expect to leave your apartment, flat or house for school in the morning, and be greeted by smiling Thai people all the way to school, whether that’s on a scooter, bicycle, Tuk Tuk or songthaew, arrive at school to be greeted by smiles from students, teachers and parents.


#4/ Expect the fastest internet connection you have ever experienced


Thailand’s internet connection is fast and reliable and available pretty much everywhere, even in the rural and small towns.


#5/ Expect to have bad days


There will be difficult days when teaching abroad in Thailand. You are making a big decision to leave behind your comfort zone, your family, friends, hometown and culture to teach English in Thailand. Thailand is a very different country to the western world and things operate differently, they have different ways of living and doing things. You have to be open to the expectation of bad days, you will miss your friends, family, hometown and hearing people speak English, sometimes all you will want is to be able to speak and read in English. These bad days are what make you really enjoy the good days and really help you grow into an amazing person. You’ve got to push through the bad days, because in the end, this will be one of the best experiences of your life!


#6/ Expect to experience boundless amounts of kindness from the Thai people


Thai people are extremely kind. They ensure that foreigners are welcomed into the community and have immense respect for foreign English teachers. The Thai people make you feel so at home and comfortable, and are extremely helpful and kind. When you first arrive at your school, the locals will make every effort possible to make sure you feel at home, they will bring you food, gifts, food, invite you over for dinner to name a few of the many things they will do for you. The Thai students are extremely kind, they help one another during tests and during lessons, there is a collective mentality in Thailand, everyone helps one another.


#7/ Expect to learn basic Thai

“Sawasdee Kha! Khrū!”

During the Entrust TEFL course, you will learn a few words and sentences. When you are teaching English to the Thai students, you will ample opportunities to learn Thai. You will be surrounded by people all day everyday communicating in Thai. You will leave Thailand knowing basic Thai (especially helpful when negotiating with the street vendors 😉 ).


#8/ Expect amazing experiences in your town, city and school


Every single day will be an incredible adventure while teaching English in Thailand. You will meet the most amazing Thai people who will invite you to experience their culture and way of life, whether that be to dinner at a local restaurant, dinner at their house, to go on a night out or to sing karaoke. You will leave Thailand with countless stories and experiences of your time teaching in Thailand.


#9/ Expect to make a big difference


Teaching English in Thailand is truly a life changing experience where you will be giving back and making an incredibly big difference in the lives of not only the Thai children, but also fellow Thai teachers, parents of the students and members of the community you will be teaching in. You will leave Thailand having made a difference to the lives of every single student you taught and to every single Thai person you met along the way.


#10/ Expect to encounter a consistent wave of non-stop lessons


Teaching English in Thailand is such a rewarding thing to do for yourself, you will encounter a consistent wave of non-stop lessons, and you will become all the better for it. The lessons you will learn, will play an immense role in helping you understand a new culture and most importantly help you gain a better understanding of yourself.