TEFL Krabi

An awesome coastline and fantastic sandy white beaches!

Located in the South of Thailand, Krabi would most possibly be considered one of the most visited destinations in the Kingdom by international as well as local tourists. Bangkok, Phuket, and Phi Phi Islands fall not too far behind. This Thai province just east of Phuket, is a paradise on earth and attracts millions of visitors annually from all over the world. The main city or “Changwat” is named the same as the province itself, Krabi. While the entire province hosts half a million people, the city of Krabi has a population of about 60,000, mainly Thai with few foreigners who live and work there. What makes Krabi different from other tourist destinations is that it is located in the east of Thailand along the south Andaman Sea. This particular area boasts a beautiful rainfall that keeps the air cool and vegetation gleaming green.
Very few are able to obtain the privilege to have any type of opportunity to venture into an awesome place like Krabi which is vibrant with history and natural beauty.
Who is The Basic TEFL Course at Krabi Suitable for?

For those that love the mild warm weather, white sands, crystal clear blue waters, mountainous peaks, and the beach/sea style of life as a whole, this is the paradise that you have been longing for. Why not train with The Basic TEFL Course and start your paradise adventure! Here you will study valuable teaching skills with a peace of mind knowing that convenience permeates the area as well as friendly local Thai’s that are well known for maintaining a culturally relaxed attitude.

Airport Transfer to Accommodation

Teach, Travel…Thailand is there for you along every part of your journey from start to finish. You can rest assured that at the airport you will be greeted with a friendly face or either a member from our company or a host from your chosen accommodation will secure your belongings and make sure that you are sent to your resorts check-in desk. All you have to do is provide your arrival information and the van will be waiting for you once you arrive. You will only have to worry about relaxing and enjoying the amazing city of Krabi!

Organized Excursions

While not studying, planned adventures are set up for you to truly have the experience that you thought of. There are many options to choose from to bide your time while not training. The fabulous and famous Phi Phi Islands are located only 45 minutes away from Krabi by speed boat and tours are operated daily. Two less traveled spots are stopped at along the way for snorkeling at Bamboo Island and Hin Klarng.
Krabi 4 Island Tour is an exciting island-hopping experience that shoots you to tropical hot spots in the Krabi sea including Phra Nang Cave, Tup Island, Chicken Island, and Poda Island. Expect to encounter snorkeling, sunbathing, and exploring with photography. Here you will receive plenty of sun and see beautiful waters with corals and coconut palms!
The province of Krabi is Thailand’s original rock climbing destination. It remains home to two of the most beautiful beaches on the earth, Railey and Tonsai. The cliffs located at these two beaches cut the peninsula off from the main areas eliminating all motor traffic which protects its unique landscape. There is world class quality climbing routes for both beginners and the well-seasoned climbers. Climbers of all levels will have and outstanding experience scaling these historic rocks.
Thailand can also be considered ones of the top ten destinations for scuba diving. There can only be a few other countries that offer so much scuba variety. If you are a complete beginner and have never been scuba diving, do not fret, qualified professionals are on deck waiting to train you in the safest manner to get you underwater with the coral and sea life!
Whatever your thoughts desire, Krabi has a place to fulfill them.

Training Facilities

The Basic TEFL Course Program in Krabi offers state of the art, high technical facilities that include all classroom tools needed to bring you up to where you need to achieve completion and move forward into a real teaching arena. It also includes a teaching practicum at various local Thai schools. These facilities offer a great learning environment and are within walking distance to local shops and eateries.

Thai Cultural Integration

While staying in another country that maintains a completely different culture from the one that you are used to, it can be a bit difficult to understand. Especially when you are used to seeing and doing things a certain way! Teach, Travel…Thailand offers invaluable assistance with Thai cultural training sessions that will bring you up to speed and have you mingling with the locals doing as they do in no time! There is no better way to immerse yourself into a foreign culture other than learning the do’s and don’ts to keep things respectful during your stay in the Kingdom.

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