The Basic TEFL Course

The Basic TEFL Course is an in-class 140 hour English training preparation designed specifically for those that are planning to teach English to Thai students in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

The Basic TEFL Course

Gain knowledge and experience along with adventure in the amazing Kingdom of Thailand all while learning an invaluable skill that could potentially move you all around the world if you chose that path. In just a few weeks, by enrolling in our internationally accredited TEFL training course, you will obtain skills that put you in a ready position to lead a classroom of eager English learning students. You will acquire lifelong skills and receive a certificate upon completion that is recognized fully by the Ministry of Education.

In an intense short period of time, you will have the ability to qualify to instruct English as a foreign language and be placed alongside Thai and other foreign staff alike, as a teacher! While a certificate recognizes an individual’s accomplishment, there is more to being an English teacher if not provided the proper knowledge, tools, training, and guidance. Without these key ingredients, you will find yourself struggling to maintain classroom management, properly assess students’ academic progress and achievements, and conduct motivating lessons. The Basic TEFL Course ultimately focuses on a methodology that uses up-to-date, real-world, in-class developed techniques to achieve better results among students that you encounter. This in turn, highly increases your brand as a teacher and your chances of being employed.


Our Course Offerings

The Basic TEFL Course


Our Chiang Mai/Krabi in-class TEFL is a 140 hour TEFL that takes place at your choice of two locations in Thailand and is geared towards those specifically preparing to teach English in Thailand.

  • Highly sought after TEFL training
  • On the job training in real Thai classroom settings
  • Organized and scheduled training allowing maxamized free time

Teach Speaking


While English makes up 1/3 of the classroom focus, Thai schools employ Thai nationals to teach English Grammar. Our TEFL entails more of the “speaking’ and learning to ‘learn’ aspect.

  • Help orchestrate a real English Camp
  • Hands on training
  • Access to student portal and LMS

Comprehensive Instruction

140 HOUR

The Basic TEFL Course mainly focuses on directing new EFL teachers into the area of creative lesson planning that includes engaging and relevant topics to keep students motivated while learning.

Internationally Accredited

We offer a TEFL training certificate that is absolutely recognized internationally as well by the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE). Many of our graduates are teaching in Thailand as well as around the globe.

TEFL Course

Our Basic TEFL Course is a 140-hour in-class training program that prepares you to step into the classroom upon completion and apply methodologies, techniques, and skills to become a successful English instructor.

Organized Excursions

Adventure awaits as beach and mountain exploration are led by knowledgeable and certified staff. Relax your mind from training while engaging in activities that Thailand’s paradise provides.

Cultural Integration

Maintain peace of mind knowing that Thai cultural trips and lectures will provide you the knowledge to uphold the highest respect for Thai locals and the country as a whole and ultimately integrate you successfully during your stay in the Kingdom.

Hassle and Worry Free

The benefits of our TEFL training offer so much and may be considered a great return on your investment. Our 3-4 week TEFL training package includes accommodation, adventure, and Thai cultural integration experiences in the form of travel and lecture. The program also includes a hands on teaching in the classroom to get your feet wet and give you a taste of what is to come upon completion. Teach, Travel…Thailand offers a vital lifeline for support throughout your teaching journey whether you decide to remain in the Kingdom of Thailand or you are given the opportunity to implement your newly acquired skills around the world.

What exactly is included in The Basic TEFL?


140 hour in-class TEFL training


TEFL course books and study materials


Thai cultural integration trips and lectures


Organized excursions


Guaranteed job placement


International and MOE recognized TEFL certificate


Visa Support


New teachers starter pack


Access to the student portal and LMS


Hands/real classroom on training


Help conduct a real English camp


Lifelong TTT support

  • Aged 21 – 50 (Older than 50 placements may be more restrictive)
  • University degree holders will hold preference over non-degree holders
  • Native English speaker
  • Valid passport
  • Smart appearance
  • Friendly and outgoing with kids
  • Able to adapt to a new culture and lifestyle
Job Placement for University Degree Holders
All potential candidates within the age range of 22 – 44 that hold University degrees in any discipline will be placed in a guaranteed teaching position upon completion of The Basic TEFL Course.
Job Placement for Non-Degree Holders: 2018 Updated
You are now required to hold a bachelor’s degree to teach English in Thailand, except for if you’re joining any particular volunteer teaching program.

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