School Placements

 Get placed in a school in Thailand immediately after graduating from the TEFL course.

Teach, Travel… Thailand

 Get placed in a school in Thailand immediately after graduating from the TEFL course.

One of the most frequently asked questions amongst teachers is ‘how does the school placement process work?

  1. Sign up for the Premium Program or purchase placement separately
  2. The second week of the course you will be receiving job offers from potential employers
  3. Speak to your potential employers in person or via Skype to make your decision
  4. The third week of the course you will finalize your placement by picking the one that suits you best
  5. Directly after graduation, head to your school and start earning an income as an ESL teacher.


Where would I typically be placed as a teacher?

TEFL graduates are placed nationwide by their network of schools and agents. A location cannot be guaranteed, however, every effort is made to meet your requests. If you sign up for the ‘buddy deal’ (this means you will be placed with your buddy in the same school or at least close enough to live teacher during your teaching journey).


What is the difference between rural and beach placements?

Most students that attend the course want to be placed on or near a beach or island, however, these locations are extremely competitive as many foreign teachers want to live and work there. The coastal and islands are centred around tourism and have a very high cost of living for teachers wanting to live there. Salaries are lowered in these areas due to the high demand, what happens if you don’t earn enough money to afford to do much travelling or enjoy your time off.

The opposite is true for rural areas, as the cost of living is extremely low and the salaries are higher as they value you as a teacher and want to keep you at the school. This will give you more money to go to those beach locations on the weekends and have money to enjoy yourself.


Teaching Salaries?

The typical starting salaries for teachers in Thailand depend on a couple of factors, as to which type of school, where the school is located, your nationality and educational status however the amount of salary you receive will be more than efficient to live a comfortable life in Thailand. As you gain valuable teaching experience both your job prospects and teaching salary will grow.

Non-degree holders 25,000 – 30,000

Degree holders 30,000 – 35,000


Teaching contracts and terms?

Teaching contracts in Thailand are fairly standard and require you to be present during school hours, which is usually 7:30AM – 4:00PM Monday through Friday. Teaching contracts depend greatly on the school and agents as to the need they have for teachers. The two main types of contracts given are either a one term contract or a year contract. A one term contract will not provide salary during the school term breaks of October and April, however the one year contract will provide a salary during those breaks.

The first teaching term in Thailand is May – September and the second teacher term is November – March, but even though the largest intakes coincide with these term start dates such as April and October we still place teachers year around.


The Basic TEFL Course

Statue of 3 former kings of Thailand

Study in Chiang Mai

140 hour In-Class

Study your TEFL in the mountainous region of Northern Thailand in Chiang Mai and explore ancient Thai culture. Teach English and enjoy the cooler climate and green scenery at a higher elevation while you teach and travel.

People Walking On a Beach On Railay, Thailand

Study in Krabi

140 hour In-class

Study your TEFL near the coastline of Southern Thailand and absorb sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water while you teach English. Immerse yourself into the warmer climate at sea level and make your teach and travel stay and exotic experience.

Start your teaching adventure 

Teach English with an established award-winning TEFL provider.

Teach,Travel, Thailand works with a reputable TEFL company that offers a world-renowned, Award-winning 140-hour TEFL program. They are an Internationally accredited and fully licensed teacher training company with over 18 years of teacher training and guaranteed teacher job placement.

· TEFL certification course for 3 weeks in Chiang Mai or Krabi
· Internationally accredited
· Guaranteed job placement in a Thai school
· Organized excursions
· Thai culture training
· No degree required
· Non-native speakers eligible

Teaching in Thailand has been an incredible journey. After 4 years, Thailand has become my second home. The plan was to teach for a year and then move on, but I fell in love with the culture, beautiful surroundings, and the relaxed way of life. Moving abroad does have its challenges, but moving to Thailand was easy. With endless job opportunities, cheap living expenses, and amazing people around you, it is easy to see why. Teaching in Thailand has been a very rewarding experience. Being able to watch the students progress and shaping their young minds have been very fulfilling. The children are very lovable and are excited to learn from you. Thailand is a beautiful country that will forever be a part of who I am.

Jessica Allsopp