Frequently Asked Questions:

 Dive head first into the unknown, enrich and change lives as you teach and venture through the Kingdom of Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Dive head first into the unknown, enrich and change lives as you teach and venture through the Kingdom of Thailand.
# 1 / How much does it pay to teach English in Thailand?


You will earn between R14 000 to R18 000 a month (which works out to 30 000 to 35 000 baht). Living expenses are low in Thailand, with meals easily costing you R30 and rent below R3 000 a month. This allows you to save for your travels around Thailand/South East Asia in the many long weekends and school holidays.


# 2 / Do you need a degree to teach English in Thailand?


No, you don’t need a degree, however, if you are a degree holder in any field you will have no problem obtaining a work permit and a non-immigrant one-year visa.
If you do not hold a degree in any field, the process is a little more costly and time-consuming. There are various options, depending on the school and the local circumstances:

1) Some schools are able to provide you with a visa and work permit, stating “special circumstances” to the Ministry of Labor. This is usually only approved for rural areas where it is hard to obtain a Native English Teacher.

2) In most cases you will be working full-time hours and getting paid as a full-time employee, but be classified as part-time because you don’t have a degree. By being a part-time employee, the school is not compelled to file your paperwork with the Ministry of Labor. This, in turn, means that you won’t get a visa or work permit through the school. The advantage of this is that you have no tax obligations, but the downside is that you’ll need to leave the country every 90 days to obtain another entry visa.

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# 3 / How many days off do I get? When are the Thai holidays?


You’ll get 16 official public holidays, as well as 2 and a half months of school holidays plus weekends off! You have many long weekends and school holidays to enjoying travelling around Thailand and South East Asia.

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# 4 / How soon will I get placed after graduation?



Typically you would graduate on the Friday evening with Entrust TEFL and start working at your school that Monday morning, however If you would like to take a short holiday before you start working, just let the placement department know so they can organize your job with the school when you are ready.

During the training course the placement department will line up different potential employers for you so that you can make an informed decision about the school, where you’d like to teach so by the time you graduate, you already know exactly where you will be going, how you are getting there, who is fetching you, what your schedule looks like, what your salary will be as well as many other important facts regarding your placement.

Entrust TEFL has a 100% placement rate!!

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# 5 / What can I expect teaching English in Thailand?


We urge you to have an open mind and be prepared for an entirely new cultural experience. Expect to go on an incredible journey of self-discovery and make an amazing difference in the lives of Thai children. Expect to possibly be placed in rural towns where you may be the only foreigner who speaks English, or to be placed in big Thai cities. Be prepared for a simple life that teaches you many life lessons, expect to experience kindness from the Thai people in your town and and most importantly, expect to smile every single day.

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# 6 / How much does the TEFL course cost?


Entrust TEFL offers two options:

1. Basic TEFL course for $1 250

The Basic TEFL course is packed full of things you would struggle to get as a stand-alone course, however, we have added many extras as part of the Basic course cost. The Basic TEFL course allows you to choose how you want to plan out your TEFL Course journey by letting you choose if you want to be collected at the airport, stay at our appointed Resort / Hotel accommodation, have us sort out your trips, job and visa or do your own thing entirely.

2. Premium TEFL program for $2 250

The Premium Program is packed with all the extras that allow you to pack your bags, jump on an aeroplane to have everything sorted for you upon your arrival in Thailand. Premium Program combines the Basic TEFL course together with established partners and vendors to offer all the extras to provide the best possible package for our enrollees. The Premium Program includes Airport pick-up, Resort / Hotel accommodation, daily western breakfasts, Thai language lessons, Thai culture trips, Jungle or Island hopping excursions, Job Guarantee upon completion and Non-Immigrant Visa support; all included within the TEFL program price.

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