About  Teach, Travel…Thailand

Teach, Travel…Thailand is an internationally accredited 140 hour in-class teachers training program that produces qualified teachers ready for classroom instruction.

We firmly stand by our ideology of producing qualified and successful instructors that make a positive impact teaching abroad.

Our Philosophy

Experience is key. At Teach, Travel…Thailand, we fully understand based on our growth factors that adhering to the upmost quality instruction and maintaining up-to-date standards are the solutions for success.


Our Mission

Teach, Travel…Thailand is on a path to ready equip, produce, and support top quality English as a Foreign Language instructors that continue to grow in all aspects of education and are positively motivated in maintaining absolute professionalism.

Teach, Travel…Thailand was founded in 2012 and has grown exponentially over the years. The Basic TEFL Course offers such a diverse foundational ideology and maintains a professional reputation locally in Thailand as well as throughout the global community. We produce well equipped instructors and provide in-depth knowledge based skills and instruction to students with vibrant and fun-loving personalities. 

Our Guarantee

We have carefully crafted our program to outline our mission. We hold with the highest standards and offer the following:

In-Class TEFL Training

Our Basic TEFL Course is a 140-hour in-class training program that prepares you to step into the classroom upon completion and apply methodologies, techniques, and skills to become a successful English instructor.


Organized Excursions

Adventure awaits as beach and mountain exploration are led by knowledgeable and certified staff. Relax your mind from training while engaging in activities that Thailand’s paradise provides.


Internationally Accredited

We offer a TEFL training certificate that is absolutely recognized internationally as well by the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE). Many of our graduates are teaching in Thailand as well as around the globe. 

Thai Cultural Integration

Maintain peace of mind knowing that Thai cultural trips and lectures will provide you the knowledge to uphold the highest respect for Thai locals and the country as a whole and ultimately integrate you successfully during your stay in the Kingdom.

Highly Skilled Instructors

Instructors at Teach, Travel…Thailand have been carefully selected, have obtained a high level of traditional education, and all have real-world experience and knowledge ready to instill into each training session.

Job Placement

Guaranteed job placement upon successful completion of our 140 hour in-class training provided by the school you internship at or at the discretion of our friendly Thai staff. 

The  Basic TEFL Course

Our Course

The Basic TEFL Course

140 hour

Our Chiang Mai/Krabi in-class TEFL is a 140 hour TEFL that takes place at your choice of two locations in Thailand and is geared towards those specifically preparing to teach English in Thailand.

Comprehensive Instruction

140 HOUR

The Basic TEFL Course mainly focuses on directing new EFL teachers into the area of creative lesson planning that includes engaging and relevant topics to keep students motivated while learning. 

Teach Speaking

Real Class Setting

While English makes up 1/3 of the classroom focus, Thai schools employ Thai nationals to teach English Grammar. Our TEFL entails more of the “speaking’ and learning to ‘learn’ aspect.


Why Learn With Us?


Renown Reputation

Thousands of graduates have been placed into various schools throughout Thailand have showcase the reputation we uphold.


Over 5,00 Qualified Graduates

We have trained and placed over 5,000 qualifed EFL teachers.


Choose Between Two Opposite Training Facilities

You have the option to learn and be surrounded by beautiful beaches or lush mountains.


Highly Skilled Instructors

Our TEFL instructors are highly educated and experienced and represent successful real world examples.

I had already completed an accredited degree program at a western university and thought that I knew so much about English being that it is my native language. The Basic TEFL Course taught me so much more and introduced me to details in English that I never knew existed

Arnold Smith

The Basic TEFL Course motivated me to open up a bit more out of my shell and helped me become a better speaker enabling me to teach non-native English speakers the language I grew up speaking.

Janet Waller

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