Contemplations of foreign teachers coming into Thailand

Anyone who comes to Thailand for the first time, and does so by landing at either of the two international airports in Bangkok is bound to be mesmerized at the sight of all the tall skyscrapers, luxury malls, efficient sky train and metro-lines, crazy nightlife hubs and 7-Eleven stores at every corner. But it is only a matter of time before one starts contemplating that Bangkok does not define Thailand and that Thailand is still far from being a first world nation. Perhaps, this is one of main reasons why many of the foreign teachers who move to Thailand or those who intend to do so feel a sense of reluctance since it is only natural for anyone to be a part of an economically developed country for longer and brighter future prospects.


Bangkok highest skyscraper, Thailand

bangkok skyscraper


Thai Economy

The Thai-economy has been stagnant until 2014 with a PCI (Per Capita Income) of 5,470 USD as a result of all the previous economic models. But with its new economic model (Thailand 4.0) which is based on innovative and value-based industrialization, Thailand aims to bring an increase of 15,000 USD in its PCI by the year 2032 and position itself as a high income country.


Scopes for foreign teachers

To prepare for this economic shift, utmost importance will be placed the on the Thai workforce, meaning its general public as stated under the first agenda of Thailand 4.0. Thailand intends on achieving this by means of education reforms and skill development programs. This is where foreign teachers come into play. Thailand is well aware that in order to transform the Thais into competent workforce for a first world country, English will be a must have competency and what better way to accelerate that growth than by hiring foreign teachers from English speaking origin. Thus, the scopes for foreign teachers who have plans to relocate to Thailand looks even better because one can not only explore Thailand while nurturing its young minds but one can play an important role in the beautiful journey of a country towards being a first world nation. Also one can secure a spot in the future of a country that looks more promising than ever before.