General Reasons. And more?

Anyone who has ever sat down to consider their options on moving to Thailand with a teach and travel lifestyle in mind is bound to have struggled with their reasons in doing so. While crazy nightlife in Bangkok and Pattaya, beautiful beaches and popular islands down south, scenic mountains and national parks up north, rich historic sights and never ending exotic temples across the country remain some of the main attractions to date for a lot of foreign teachers to relocate to Thailand; there are still a couple of other good reasons one can take into consideration as explained below.


Nature of Thai people in general

One cannot agree more that in order to relieve a week’s worth of stress a teacher goes through, it is important to have fun activities to engage in and good places to go to during the weekends in the respective places we are based in. But what is even more important is the attitude of the people of that place towards you because it is something we need to deal with on a daily basis and not just weekly monthly or annually. Thus, for those of you who are yet to decide on whether or not to move to Thailand for a teach and travel lifestyle, one thing you can be assured of is the good nature of the Thai people in general. The reason for that is because a big part of the lives of the people here is governed by the essence of Buddhism and Buddhism as we know is all about showing kindness and compassion to other sentient beings. This makes Thai people some of the friendliest and hospitable people in the world to be with. Now you know why Thailand is known by the slogan “The Land of smiles.”

Thai Old Woman Offering Fruit

A One Stop Country

Ever heard of a country within a country? Well, that is what you will be signing up for if you decide to come to Thailand. Thailand has countless tourist attractions as previously stated but like that is not enough, the tourism entrepreneurs in Thailand spare no effort in terms of making Thailand a one stop tourist destination. In order to make the explorations of both foreign and local travelers an endless one; a lot of the tourist entrepreneurs here have shifted their efforts towards bringing in copy versions of well-known tourist attractions from all corners of the world. Some of the examples of such attractions are Venezia in Hua-Hin district (an amusement area with lots of shopping that surrounds the concept of Venice/Italy); The Swiss Valley, The Scenery Vintage farm and The Alpaca Hill in Suan-phueng district (resorts with different animals that surround the concept of farms in Switzerland); and Frost Magical Ice of Siam in Bang-lamung district (a snowy-themed-park).

Festival In Hua Hin, Thailand



Now that you are completely familiar with all the reasons as to why teach and travel in Thailand can be a life changing experience; why prolong your wait? Why not sign up for one of our any TEFL packages and head to the land of smiles.