Teaching in Thailand. Is there more room for foreign teachers in Thailand?

It is no secret that Thailand has been one of the most popular hotspots in south-east Asia for people from all corners of the world who are interested in teach and travel lifestyle. But with more and more foreign teachers pouring in each year, the one question that tops off the rest as you sit back and ask yourself on whether or not you should move to Thailand is ‘Is there enough room for more?’ The answer to that question is “Yes” and it is all thanks to Thailand 4.0.

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What is Thailand 4.0?

Thailand 4.0 is basically an economic model which the present day military Government of Thailand publicly announced in the year 2016.  It aims to stabilize the Thai economic crisis which they believe to be the result of the previous economic models.
Read more on Thailand 4.0 at https://thaiembdc.org/thailand-4-0-2/

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Thailand 4.0 and Scopes for foreign teachers

Some of the main objectives, agendas and sub-agendas of Thailand 4.0 emphasizes on preparing its general population for Thailand becoming a first world nation by means of ITC (Innovation, Technology and Creativity) driven economic system, reformation of  education system for better standards and positioning of Thailand as one the leading business center Internationally and sub-continentally in the south-east Asia. But Thailand is well aware that all these will not be possible with the proficiency in English of the general Thais being ranked as low as low in the global ranking index by English skills. Thus, Thailand still understands the need for dedicated and enthusiastic foreign teachers and welcome them with open arms.


What are you waiting for?

Consequently, for those of you who have thought about coming to Thailand with the purpose of teach and travel but have not been able to make up your mind on whether or not to take the next step; you can be assured that there is still a place for you here if this is what you really want. Therefore, think no further and get yourself signed up with one of our selected few TEFL agents who will assist you to complete your TEFL courses and to get you a job as you enjoy the beauty and serenity of the kingdom of Thailand.