Does teach and travel in Thailand apply only to English-instructors?

Anyone who knows anything about Thailand knows for a fact that Thailand, despite being recognised as one of the most prominent tourist hot spots in the Asia-Pacific (check and the world, still remains one of those countries which is yet to fully achieve the integration of English as a second language in terms of the basic education curriculum. Thus, there are lots of folks out there who are of the conception that coming to Thailand to teach generally applies to teaching English, and if you are one among them, then you are wrong. After the Ministry of Education of Thailand (MEO) started encouraging the commencement of EP and MEP in the year 1995, rooms for foreign teachers of both native and non-native English speaking origin to come and teach subjects other than English has since opened up.



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What is EP and MEP?

EP stands for English Program while MEP stands for Mini English Program. In that sense, both EP and MEP in the Thai education curriculum follow a similar concept to that of a bilingual education. However, EP in Thailand is commonly carried out in international-schools and few academic schools across the country whereby the foreign teachers are required to teach a certain subject on their own in order for the students to gain an intensive listening, speaking, reading and writing practice in English; while MEP is usually carried out in some academic schools and few other vocational schools whereby the foreign teachers might be required to do co-teaching of a certain subject with a Thai teacher or the students might have to take the same subject in both English and Thai simultaneously depending on the schools.



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Prospects and Promises

In conclusion, for those of you who have long dreamt of a teach and travel career in the beautiful kingdom of Thailand but had to hold back due to teaching English being the mainstream; this is it! The scopes might appear a little bleak but there are opportunities nonetheless. In fact, Thailand is falling short on foreign teachers who are willing to teach different subjects other than English that when one usually comes along; the schools offer them a comparatively higher pay. So why lengthen your wait? Why not make a good use of this opportunity and sign up with one of our few trusted TEFL agents at TBS Marketing.  They will start looking for a good school with EP or MEP curriculum as per your request and have a job ready for you on arrival.



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