Teach, Travel…Thailand

Enrich lives and journey to new heights as you teach English and venture through the Kingdom of Thailand.

Expand Your Horizons

Put yourself out on a ledge and break your personal boundaries by experiencing a different culture, living a different way, eating new foods, and cultivate the lives of children. We tell you all the requirements to teach English in Thailand. Open yourself up to new ideologies and leave completed as a reborn personality that is ready to adapt to any and all changes where ever you end up next. Do this all while venturing through the Thai Kingdom that has a 1,000 year old history and imprint concrete memories into your life.


The Basic TEFL Course

Statue of 3 former kings of Thailand

Study in Chiang Mai

140 hour In-Class

Study your TEFL in the mountainous region of Northern Thailand in Chiang Mai and explore ancient Thai culture. Teach English and enjoy the cooler climate and green scenery at a higher elevation while you teach and travel..

People Walking On a Beach On Railay, Thailand

Study in Krabi

140 hour In-class

Study your TEFL near the coastline of Southern Thailand and absorb sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water while you teach English. Immerse yourself into the warmer climate at sea level and make your teach and travel stay and exotic experience.

Why Teach, Travel…Thailand

Teach, Travel…Thailand has been a leader in TEFL course education and has placed over 5,000 teachers into the Thai Educational System. We have had a reputable existence in Thailand for more than a decade. Meet the requirements to teach English in Thailand and join the team.

Tied Long Tail Thai Boat In Sunset
Thai Local People Assiting Biker

Assistance 24/7 during your stay in the Kingdom

If you are in a bind or feeling a bit homesick, do not hesitate to contact us! We provide all around the clock assistance and advice to help make your stay in Thailand a smooth one. Our local Thai affiliates are on-deck and ready anytime.

Thai Teacher With Students In The Forest

Job Placement

For those graduates that hold a university degree from an accredited 4-year institution, job placement is immediate and guaranteed. For second language English speakers that hold a degree, job placement is solely at the discretion of the Thai affiliate or agency.


TEFL Certificate

After completion of the 140 hour in-class TEFL you will receive a certificate that is recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE). This will allow you to be fully recognized as an English language instructor in any school throughout the Kingdom.

Thai Boat In Front Of Market By The River

Lifelong Experiences

During your adventure enriching lives of others, you will also be obtaining enrichment for your own life. Your travel and work experience will be one that you will remember for a lifetime. Not to mention, the new relationships you will build!

140 Hour In-Class TEFL Acccreditation

The TEFL course at Teach, Travel…Thailand prepares you out of the training room and ready to meet all the rquirements to teach English. You will become a fully recognized English instructor and ready to be placed in any classroom setting whether it is young learners, young adults, or adults.

Birds of a feather, flock together!

Build new relationships and make lifelong friends! Meet other travelers that are teaching English in the Kingdom of Thailand and have come from all over the planet. Share your experiences and create new ones together!

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